THE ULTIMATE BARRIER OR AN OPEN DOOR? – Why you should choose Wild.

People used to believe your skin was the ultimate barrier.

Everyone knows that toxins are dangerous, but that’s only if you eat them right? And who eats their moisturizer?

Within the last decade, the research has become overwhelming in discovering how many toxins pass easier through your skin than through digestion. Think about a nicotine patch or birth control. One small little patch can pass a dramatic amount of its ingredients right into your blood stream, for better or for worse.

The exact same thing is happening with your beauty products. choose wild

There are thousands of carcinogens in the products we use daily. Manufacturers know about them, but as long as you keep purchasing, they keep selling. Who would ever think their daily lotion application is increasing their risk of cancer?

We now know that these toxins can also be transferred as far as to an unborn child. In fact, the Red Cross and Environmental Working Group (EWG) conducted a study in 2004 that detected more than 287 synthetic chemicals in the cord blood of newborns. More than 180 of them are carcinogenic, 217 are toxic to the brain and nervous system, and 208 can cause birth defects or abnormal development.


Even if you do your best to read every label, there’s one word you’ll always see: fragrance. We all love a sweet-smelling scent, however, did you know that manufacturers are legally allowed to use almost any ingredient they choose and call it “fragrance”? They get away with this by keeping those chemicals as their “secret-fragrance-formula”. This makes it nearly impossible for you to really know what’s being applied to your skin. Even most fragrance-free products will keep “fragrance” in their ingredients, just to hide what they don’t want you to see.


We’re not telling you any of this to make you afraid. The last thing we want to do is promote fear because there’s no power in that for anyone! Instead, we want you to see that you can take control over your life, just like we did, and choose a better way. choose wild

Wild is always preservative-free and toxin-free which means you won’t find any “fragrance” around here.

We make your products fresh, the old fashion way. Nothing sits on a shelf or in a warehouse somewhere. We make everything for you when you place your order and ship it out the same day. The purity and efficacy of our products are the foundations of our company, and we will never compromise that.

This planet is full of natural remedies, and we have searched out clean and pure ingredients that do more than a chemical substitute ever could. We source only the highest quality ingredients to maintain the integrity of each product and have custom crafted each formulation to deliver the specific results your skin type needs.


Your beauty is an expression of who you are and we value the empowerment that gives you! Wild is dedicated to going back to nature and using some of its most powerful ingredients to make products the way they should be.

One product at a time you are joining a community of people who have chosen to live a beautiful life. choose wild