How to find your skin type

So many people aren’t sure where to start when it comes to choosing a skin care formulation that’s right for them. They will have a bunch of symptoms that don’t seem to fall into one simply defined skin type category making it challenging to find their “skin type”.

We’ve found a pretty easy solution to this dilemma.

Lots of the initial problems people struggle with are due to the irritation and damage caused by chemical-filled products. If you haven’t equipped your skin with an ability to heal itself or given it the vitamins and nutrients it needs, you can be piled up under years of irritation that manifests as dryness or blemishes or redness, etc. It’s not your “skin-type”, it’s the irritation you may have just gotten used to but the good news is that it can change!

When you switch to a natural skincare routine, your first month or two will be mainly focused on detoxing your skin and therefore, it can take that month or two to determine what your skin’s problem areas even are.


Our recommendation, start with the Diana for Sensitive skin.

This will give your skin the ability to detox any chemical build up and will allow your skin the opportunity to adjust to your new natural routine. By the end of the first or second month, any symptoms due to previous skin irritation will be gone and you will be able to easily tell your skin type!