While being a mom is arguably the greatest job on the planet, raising healthy, happy kids should be the goal of every mom.

And, with information coming to the surface detailing the effects of toxins and preservatives not only in our food, but also skin care products, more and more moms are turning to the all-natural lifestyle and for good reason.

But, when there’s almost too much to know about raising children naturally, the research can get very intimidating.

Remember, no one is doing it all perfectly and there are new discoveries being made every day. So, it’s good to take a deep breath a realize that making the changes you want to make is reasonable, and baby steps are still steps in the right direction.

So, if you’re a mom that has made the transition to an all natural lifestyle for you and your children, or you want to make the transition, here are 10 all natural products you can easily switch to and begin your journey of a toxic-free family.

1. Bug Spray

Playing outside has innumerable benefits for your child, but protecting them from harmful bug-bites is a real concern. Conventional DEET found in bug-spray should be avoided because of its toxicity.

Yes, what you’re applying to your skin or your child’s skin is getting inside and into your blood stream!

Make sure to find a toxic-free bug-repellant that will keep your child safe from the pests and free from chemicals.

We’re getting ready to launch our chemical and toxic free bug repellant that will most certainly do the job.

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2. Hand Soap

Overuse of anti-bacterial soaps with frequent hand-washing, can actually do more harm than good, especially with children. The aggressive cleansing is known to kill human cells and promote the growth of drug-resistant superbugs. As well, it can hinder the immunity development necessary for a healthy child.

Alternatively, natural soap and water works great for cleansing.

Try this simple recipe for a foaming hand wash:

  • 12-oz distilled water
  • 2 tbsp liquid castile soap
  • ½ tsp. olive oil
  • Essential oils (optional depending upon child’s age)

3. Lotion

Keeping your child’s skin hydrated is very important but conventional lotions can be full of chemicals and fragrances you just don’t want absorbed into their body.

We recommend a simple herbal infused oil that can combat dryness and leave your child’s skin soothed and hydrated.

It’s simpler than you think to infuse apricot kernel oil (gentle and easily absorbed) with dried herbs such as chamomile or calendula.

This link from Mountain Rose has all the details you need!

4. Detangler

No child loves sitting still long enough for you to comb out stubborn tangles. Skip the store-bought detanglers and try one of these easy recipes!

5. Probiotics

Helping your child build a healthy gut is essential and daily probiotic supplements are recommended by most natural-moms, even over vitamin supplements.

Good bacteria is crucial for healthy digestion and vitamin-absorption and can actually manufacture Vitamin K2 and B vitamins in the intestines. It also increases the capacity for mineral absorption which is necessary for healthy development in your child.

We recommend this one as they are both very effective and easily consumed by kids!

6. Healthy Eating and Vitamin Consumption

We all can think back on the days where Flintstone chewable vitamin tablets seemed like all we needed to do.

Now, we realize healthy eating is WAY more important than supplements, especially for your child. I recommend this e-Book by Heather Dessinger, aka Mommypotamus. She goes into great depth in this easy to understand manual for raising a Nourished Baby.

7. Sunscreen

Keeping your child protected from the sun is very important, but store-bought sunscreens can deposit toxic chemicals through your child’s into their bloodstream.

Skip the chemicals and make sure you choose a sunscreen that’s safe, inside and out.

Also, vitamin D is very important for your child as it greatly aids in proper calcium development and in a healthy immunity. The sun is a beautiful source of Vitamin D, so don’t be afraid to skip the sunscreen in small doses. But, if that’s just not possible, ensure you supplement Vitamin D for your child!

8. Hair Care

Most moms stick to cleansing with warm water, but when a cleansing method becomes necessary, we recommend choosing a natural, gentle cleanser.

Conventional tear-free shampoos are known to contain extremely toxic ingredients such as, formaldehyde and 1,4-dioxane. Scary, but true.

However, there are chemical-free cleansing soaps you can easily find at your local health-food store or even some grocery stores.

We recommend this gentle cleanser made specifically for sensitive skin, great from both shampoo and body wash.

9. Hand Sanitizer

We all know that sometimes you might need to wash on the go, but that doesn’t mean you have to compromise. Skip the store-bought antibacterial liquids that are high in alcohol and aggressive cleansing agents and opt-in to make your own. This simple recipe is a great option that’s easy for outings!

10. Antibacterial Ointment

Cuts, scrapes, burns and skin-irritations are a part of growing up.

When you want to avoid antibiotics and antibiotic ointments, we recommend this remedy. It is an all-natural antibacterial ointment that’s perfect to keep wounds clean and aid in healing.


11. Bedtime Remedies

After a long day of fun and excitement, everyone needs their rest. Having this recipe on hand can assist your sleepy child in a good night’s rest! If that doesn’t work, these tart cherry sleep gummies should do the trick!