Ever felt the daunting pressure that switching to a clean lifestyle will mean you can never wear makeup again?

Pigment-less powders, uneven skin toners and flaking “black” mascaras don’t have to fill your makeup bag just because you’re chemical-conscious.

My journey to creating my own toxic-free beauty routine was much more of a necessity than a luxury for me.

About 4 years ago, I started having some pretty serious symptoms.

I would wake up every day and by breakfast, my eyes would be completely blurry. I couldn’t read texts on my phone or see streets signs down the road. I was losing my peripheral vision and was facing some pretty serious diagnosis.

I had seen several doctors and specialists, both conventional and natural, and the outcome of all appointments left me only feeling more hopeless.

I was no longer allowed to wear my glasses or contacts, which meant I was no longer allowed to drive. For months, even after ridding my diet of any potential allergens, the symptoms only intensified.

They told me, if nothing improved, I was at risk of losing my vision completely.

At the same time, my passion for Wild began.

The initial research and testing led me to several articles on people who were having adverse reactions to makeup.

I DID NOT want this to be me.

I loved makeup and couldn’t bare the idea of committing to a makeup-free face for the rest of my life, but I had no other choice.

So, I gave it a try.

I committed to one month of no makeup, giving my body the full ability to cleanse and detox any and all of the toxins from the products I’d been using so I could actually see if this would work.

To my surprise, within two weeks, my eyes were completely clear. Every symptom was gone.

At the end of the month, just to test the validity of my results, I did my makeup. Within 15 seconds, no exaggeration, every symptom returned.

I was shocked at what had happened to me, and shocked at how serious the reactions my body was having to the few products (many of which would find themselves on any top 10 list) I’d apply on a daily basis.

I knew I could never go back, so it was time to get to work.

Could I find conventional, even drugstore cosmetics that would earn the clean stamp of approval and yet still do the job I was needing them to do?

Below is what I’ve found.

Each product is rated no higher than a 2 on the Environmental Working Group’s SkinDeep database, meaning it’s safe, both inside and out!

This is by no means an exhaustive list, and there are several more clean-cosmetic brands. These products include easy changes I was able to make with products that were quickly within reach.


  • Cover fX pressed mineral foundation
  • Korres wild rose foundation
  • Tarte BB tinted primer


  • Loreal visible lift powder


  • Elf studio complete coverage concealer
  • Tarte maraciuja concealer –


  • Bare minerals blush
  • Loreal studio secret soufflé – rose pink coral
  • Physician formula mineral glow pearls rose
  • Well people blush 66


  • Bare minerals READY bronzer
  • Elf studio cool golden warm


  • Tarte smoulder eyes
  • Loreal voluminous smolder black


  • Physicians formula Organic wear natural mascara

Found some of your own holy grail clean cosmetics? I’d love to hear your recommendations!