Sugaring is a great alternative to shaving and it’s easy! Just follow these instructions below. Or, check out the video! If you have any questions let me know!

  1. Place sealed glass jar into sink of hot water to warm sugar.
  1. Apply translucent powder to area to absorb any moisture.
  1. Apply sugar to area, spreading thinly in opposite direction of hair growth, spread across same area 2-3 times to catch all the hair in the sugar.
  1. Remove sugar in swift motion (rip it off like a band aid!) in direction of hair growth as not to break any hairs but to remove from the root.
  1. Apply a small amount of pressure on the area with fingers for 5 seconds to settle skin.
  1. When area is complete, clean skin and apply an alcohol-free toner to soothe skin.

Sugaring is an amazing alternative to shaving and produces great results! Not only does the area stay smoother longer but every time you remove hair from the root, it grows back thinner and thinner until it never grows back at all!

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