A Super-Natural Obsession

When I started using Wild my life changed, and no, I’m not being overly dramatic… let me explain! Before Wild, I was one of those people who would wash their face with a bar of soap & use whatever moisturizer I had laying around and called it a day. I never really had any skin problems and so I never put much thought into my skincare routine or a natural lifestyle. Well, if we’re being honest, I never even considered the idea of a skincare routine. Why did I need a routine for my skin? Doesn’t everyone wash their face with a bar of soap? Fast forward a couple of years, now a self-proclaimed Wild addict, and I’m slowly shaking my head at the much younger, naive me.

First of all,

Wild as a brand has totally opened my eyes to the power of nature and the beauty and simplicity of a living a pure, holistic, natural lifestyle. The fact that I put unpasteurized, local honey on my face and it instantly gives my skin the moisture it needs is exciting to me. Knowing that my toner is detoxing my skin using safe and powerful ingredients found in nature is comforting to me. Slathering my face with jojoba oil and essential oils that target my skin’s specific needs, while giving me the glowy-est skin of all time, is pure bliss.

Everything Wild uses in their products are natural and found in nature and the kicker is that they actually work. This got me thinking about other areas of my life that are not skin care related- like the foods I’m eating, the medicine I’m taking, and even the shampoo I’m using! And let me tell you, all of that has changed for me since realizing the power of natures finest ingredients and the harmful effect of man made ones. I’m happily living in the land of ‘nature’s way or the highway’ and let me tell you, it’s pretty fabulous. You should join me 🙂

And so yes,

I became a believer and enthusiast in holistic, natural living since using Wild, but also, I have never loved the skin I’m in more. Like I said, I never had serious skin struggles but I also was unaware of just how great your skin could be. How great you ask? Like butter, smooth, hydrated, dewy and literally glowing from within. My favorite days are the ones where I leave the house with nothing but my day oil on my face, not even a trace of Becca’s Champagne Pop, and I catch my reflection and think #highlightonfleek. And for the days when I’m feeling a bit extra and actually do my makeup, it sits on my skin like a dream AND lasts all day. What more could a girl ask for!?

And there you have it: Wild changed my life! My pores are smaller, skin is brighter, my complexion is more even and my confidence is through the roof.

Thanks Wild, I owe ‘ya 😉