Saved By Grace

How Wild cured my acne

As a teenager, I suffered from such intense acne that it left scarring and discoloration on my skin. I thought that I would grow out of that phase but when I started college my skin only got worse. I tried every cosmetic line I could and even tried to alter my diet but nothing seemed to work. In the off chance that it did, it wouldn’t last and my skin would be worse off than before. My skin became such a source of insecurity that I didn’t want to go to any events


Does all natural really work?

To be honest, I was hesitant to try anything natural because “all natural” translated in my head to “doesn’t work”. Even though I was hesitant, I did some research and learned that the products I was putting on my face were actually irritating my skin. What’s worst is that they weren’t dealing with the real issues. I started focusing more on my overall health and realized that my skin needed a serious detox!

How Wild cured my acne

I contacted Wild Skin Cares and explained my skin issues and they put me on a program that first detoxed my skin. This detox is designed to identify the root issues I was facing. It turned out that putting oil on my face actually fought the overly oily skin I was experiencing and made my skin glow almost instantly. The compliments on my complexion started pouring in and I was hooked. After just a few weeks of using the products, the acne started to disappear and even the scarring faded.

I will never use chemical skin care products on my face again and am for sure a Wild “lifer”. I consistently feel good about my complexion and even enjoy many makeup free days with nothing but the glow from my day oil boosting my confidence. Fun fact: people stop me on the regular to ask what perfume I wear because of the scent of the oils on my skin! That’s not a bad problem to have! So to all the women out there struggling with acne, the Grace line has been a saving grace in my life (pun intended) and will be in yours too!