The Elizabeth Plus Box

$97.00 / month

For only $3.25/day you will receive our most popular box, the Elizabeth Plus Box is designed for hydration and healing. Our Elizabeth Night Oil dramatically accelerates visible results and gives your skin the vitamins and essential fatty acids it needs to rejuvenate its youthful glow as you sleep.

The Plus Box Includes:

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Organic jojoba oil, Rose hip seed oil, Argon oil, frankincense essential oil, rosewood essential oil, myrrh essential oil, raw unpasteurized honey, witch hazel and others.

Box Details:

When you subscribe to the Plus Box, every month you will receive our Day Oil ($35), Night Oil ($47), Hydrating Cleanser ($25) and Facial Toner ($15). That’s $130 in all natural, customized-to-you skin care products for only $3.25/day!

Receive our most powerful combination! Get the Premium Box for only $.75 more per day and you will get Wild’s Clarifying Face Mask (a $47 value). Our Face Mask is specifically designed to detox build up and exfoliate dead-skin cells which cause dull, aged skin. Packed with Vitamin C, active Chlorella algae and mineral-filled clays will instantly renew any complexion.


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Dimensions 8 × 5.5 × 3 in

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