Have you ever tried banana pancakes? You know, the ones with just Eggs, Bananas, Himalayan sea salt, a touch of Baking Soda, and exactly 2 Tablespoons of Almond Meal (the blanched kind of course). Was your experience as miserable as mine was? A sloppy mess of gooey, eggy, unflippable not-so-pancakey pancake batter that smelled 100 times more delicious than it looked?! I’ve since perfected the skill, but come on!! Can I get away with a little enjoyment in my life? OBVIOUSLY NOT!

(Excerpt from my Whole 30 Diary: Day 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15… of 30)

Why am I talking about banana pancakes?

Probably because I feel the need to confess the fact that I cheated on my Whole 30 journey. Okok, you might want to hold on to those tomatoes, you’ll need them for your fast!

What is it about the Whole 30 that is just SO hard! Is it the no grains? How about the no dairy? What about the no snacking, or possibly the serious flavor boredom that sets in when all you’re eating is sweet potatoes and lettuce?

Friends, they call it…or should I say her…The sugar dragon.

Um. Ok?!

I felt the same way until I tried to slay her! She’s real, and she comes at you with a vengeance! With no mercy, and holding no punches, you will soon find yourself chomping on carrots and telling yourself they taste like chips. Carrots do NOT taste like chips. (A word of wisdom…that was the Sugar Dragon talking).

I knew nothing about the Whole30 but this Slaying your Sugar Dragon thing really caught my attention. I had no idea there was even such a thing but was I about to be okay with having one and not knowing how it was affecting me?!

Catchy marketing strategy. ✅

Well, my fellow health wizards…

regardless of how stinkin’ hard this past month was, it really was worth every second! With confidence I will say that this isn’t just a fleeting fad diet – it is one of the best health choices you can make! For weight loss, sure! That is a definite byproduct! But more so, as one of the best “resets” for your whole system; to bring your mind and body back to a healthy, relaxed, and balanced state!

After all of the complaining, and all of the grouchy nights, I have noticed a drastic change in how I feel! My sugar cravings did subside, although I will admit it took some time, and my overall desire for all things green really did set in. Am I saying I choose my amazing green smoothie over a delicious Cinnamon Raisin bagel toasted with cream cheese for breakfast every morning?…Fortunately, YES!

My constant need for sugary satisfaction subsided. My palate changed. I started actually craving sweet potatoes; SHOCKER! And even my overall moods balanced, where I rarely notice energy dips or mood swings.

Is there anything else you’re really looking for? I mean, Hello! You too can be one of “those girls” who really chooses the healthy salad over the delicious greasy burger.  Eh, I might not go that far.

Now for my conclusion. To Whole 30 or not to Whole 30?

Whether you are a sugar addict and you eat 15 ice cream cones a day (absolutely no judgement on you – because in reality, we all wish we were you!) or you are too healthy for your own good and are just looking for a cleanse – I strongly encourage you to give this a go! The essence of the Whole 30 is entirely about creating lifestyle changes that you will be able to carry on after the 30 days ends. For some, they notice their need for sugar decreased drastically. For myself, I have eliminated most grains from my diet and I absolutely love how I feel! (Hey, I still cheat every weekend… don’t worry!)

I promise you, pay attention to how you feel during the fast, and then once you decide to go buck wild and eat everything in sight – you’ll realize just how “good” eating healthy does feel!

The strength, the confidence, the mental clarity, it’s all there; in abundance! I know it’s hard, and it’s definitely a huge commitment (even financially) but I promise you, after the 30 days, you’ll be planning your next journey! Maybe even embarking on this new adventure for life:)

To new adventures, HURRAY:)