A detox plan for your skin may sound scary, but trust us, it’s easier than it sounds. We’ve compiled 7 super quick tasks you can do to put your best face forward in 2018- #detoxmyface

#1: Go through your makeup bag and junk anything that’s expired. 

Lipstick is old after 1 year or if it smells like a crayon. Mascara should be thrown out every 3 months and concealer and foundations should be replaced once a year. Bacteria are readily stored and spread through old products and you definitely do not want those things on your face or in your eyes, so search that bag and make room for some fresh new products!

detox my face lipstick

#2 Wash your makeup brushes

Another place bacteria gets trapped is in your brushes. We hear from clients all the time about breakouts that originated from dirty brushes. So schedule it in this week and get to washing. We recommend a simple wash made with extra virgin olive oil and castile soap. This will preserve the integrity of the brush hairs while getting it nice and clean. For more help, we’ve created a little video you can check out on our Instagram page.
detox my face brush

#3  Remove dead skin cells

This is one of the fastest and most rewarding ways to detox your skin. We recommend an easy DIY recipe of some sugar, lemon juice, and olive or avocado oil. Scrub gently in circular motions, avoiding the sensitive area around your eyes.  Wash away dead skin cells, revealing fresh, smooth skin. Repeat 1-2 times weekly to keep that healthy glow.

#4 Start Masking!

Prep your skin for a fresh new year with a clarifying mask! A mask will get deep down into pores and pull out bacteria and grime that creates congested and dull skin. It’ll give you the deep clean you need and wash away all the extra junk from holiday makeup looks. Remember to only let your clarifying mask set until it’s 75% dry so it doesn’t strip your skin of the moisture you need. Ingredients we highly recommend in a clarifying mask? Bentonite clay, charcoal, and parsley.

#5 Drink more water

Take a quick dive into Google and find out how much water you should be drinking. How much water you should consume in a day varies based on weight, but we can pretty much guarantee you’re not drinking enough. Water helps the body to eliminate toxins so when we don’t drink enough, those toxins get flushed out through our skin. This quickly creates pimples and even eczema or irritated skin. Don’t like plain water? Try flavoring it with fruit. Want to up the detox? Add a little fresh lemon juice to boost its power!
Detox my face lemon water

#6 Trading the 5 for 5

We’ve made a little 5 for 5 trade out you can look for in your skincare and makeup products. We know it can seem impossible to make the total switch out for natural everything- so start by this simple trade and we promise, your skin will love you for it.
What to eliminate: 
•    Alcohol
•    Fragrances
•    Formaldehyde
•    Mineral oils
•    Sulfates & parabens
Look for:
•    Essential oils
•    Food grade ingredients (We LOVE BiteBeauty for this)
•    Body-friendly preservatives
•    Nourishing oils such as Jojoba, Rosehip, Argan, Coconut, and  Castor
•    Fresh or Handmade products, when possible


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