With more and more information coming to the surface about the chemicals and synthetic ingredients that manufacturers are able to hide in your skin care products, people are transitioning to an all natural skin care routine more now than ever before.

And, for good reason.

Most of these chemicals are way too abrasive for sensitive skin and unfortunately, more harm is done than good.

Here at Wild Skin Cares, we love essential oils and trust them when it comes to creating effective all natural skin care products. Essential oils can be kind of intimidating but once you’ve see what they can do, we know you’ll be hooked just like we are! Not all products are created equal and we want you to have the knowledge you need to choose wisely, so here’s a couple keys you need to know to get started!

1. They eat plastic.

Essential oils are intensely concentrated.

Each drop contains immense strength! So strong in fact that essential oils will break down any plastic container they are stored in. Not only will this destroy the purity of the essential oil but it’ll mean applying that dissolved plastic onto your body.

When shopping for products made with essential oils, stick to glass containers only.

2. Say no to clear glass!

Essential oils are sensitive to light.

When exposed to sunlight, their molecular chemistry will change and their integrity is compromised. Essential oil products should always be stored in dark glass containers and away from direct sunlight.

Not to mention, the strongest healing oils are all light sensitive, which means you can’t safely wear them during the day. They rebuild, tighten and restore your skin, but they can’t be worn in the sun.

So, you’ve to wear them to sleep.

3. Fragrance oils + natural oils

Essential oils seem to be a current fad and with this increase in popularity, it seems as though bottles of essential oils are everywhere you turn.

It is important to find a brand that uses only the highest quality, pure oils.

Many bottles on the shelves will contain “fragrance oils” or “natural oils”.

Both of these are a sign that the oils inside are chemically processed and not pure. Fragrance oils contain known carcinogens and therefore, purity is of the upmost priority.

4. Formulation is key!

Because of the strength of essential oils, it’s required that they are properly diluted in a carrier oil.

Percentages of essential oils to carrier oil requires precision to ensure formulation will bring nutrients and healing to the skin and not harm it. Each type of essential oil is different and comes with its own set of rules.

Knowledge and study can deliver extremely effective products and it’s crucial to find a brand that has formulated accurately. Facial products also require the right choice of carrier oil, as different carrier oils will have a different comedogenic rating.

This means, some carrier oils will actually clog pores as their molecular structure is too large to pass through the skin. Organic Jojoba oil, almond oil and argan oil are all great carrier oil choices.

Don’t let the power of essential oils scare you away. This is the very reason they are equipped to transform your beauty product choices!

Now that you know what to look for, you won’t be fooled by counterfeits or scams. Pure is always the best way and now, you know how to find it! Happy hunting!