Almost everyone out there believes in using a moisturizer every day after cleansing. Here are 3 of my reasons why I never leave home without it.

1 –  It’s my body guard against free-radicals and pollutants. The oil seals in my clean skin and stands as a barrier for my skin.
2 –  Gives my skin a healthy glow and provides an effortless “lit from within” radiance. Even on days when I’m not feeling my best, my skin always looks like it’s glowing but without the grease.
3 –  Prevents any makeup I’m wearing from looking powdery or dried out. This makes it easy for products such as blush or bronzer to look like my own healthy glow or brightness and not layers of makeup sitting on my skin.

Don’t be afraid to wear an oil during the day or be leery that it’ll prevent your makeup from lasting. By applying it properly, your Day oil will bring your skin to life. Plus, those couple of drops a day are your investment into radiant skin for decades to come.