Is the fountain of youth available in a bottle? Probably not. But does that mean what you eat and drink can’t affect your skin? Absolutely not. There are dramatic links between our diet and our ability to fight the signs of aging. Let’s take a look at some of the best foods you can consume to give you gorgeously youthful skin

Amazingly rich in antioxidants and vitamin C, these deliciously dark berries are one of the greatest superfoods to add to your daily diet. As a powerful anti-inflammatory, blueberries will prevent unsightly veins or broken blood vessel to ensure clear skin. Just a cup a day will help to make you look and feel your best.

Olive oil
Lots of people get afraid to consume oils but adding olive oil to your diet can work wonders for your skin. Rich in polyphenols, olenic acid, monosaturated fats and vitamin D not only work to prevent wrinkles but can actually turn back the hands of time and smooth out existing lines. Olive oil will also aid your skin in its ability to hold moisture, keeping it firm and resilient!

Eating wild fish or consuming a fish oil are essential to effectively fighting the signs of aging. Omega-3 essential fatty acids work almost magically at keeping your skin looking young and vibrant. By preventing cellular dehydration, skin stays fresh and healthy, giving you a noticeably youthful glow.

Everyone knows oranges are rich in Vitamin C which has countless benefits for our bodies.

When it comes to aging and our skin, Vitamin C is vital for empowering your ability to create collagen. With age, our body’s ability to create collagen decreases, leaving our skin sagging. Vitamin C slows the decrease of collagen to ensure your skin stays tight, firm and wrinkle-free

From its Vitamin E content preventing free radical damage, the fatty acids that keep skin supple and hydrated and the rich antioxidants that fight the signs of aging, eating avocados is like perfect skin care from within. Incorporating this power-packed and delicious fruit in your diet will deliver results that make it obvious as to why it’s one of nature’s healthiest foods.

Tomatoes contain the age-defying ingredient Lycopene, which not only helps to eliminate wrinkles by neutralizing free-radical damage in the skin, but also stands as a natural protector against the sun. By preventing UVA and UVB damage, tomatoes will eliminate the redness, inflammation and damage caused by sun exposure.

As always, choosing fresh, organic foods will keep you not only looking young, but feeling it. Creating some fun, simple recipes to incorporate these foods into your diet will help your journey seem effortless and your results even that much more sweet!