Just like beauty, youth is often in the eye of the beholder. By its definition, youthfulness is described as one who is, or “seems to be” young. There isn’t a date or age describing this coveting line of youthfulness; instead, words such as freshness and vigor support it’s foundation.

Many of you have probably attempted the latest anti-aging fade or jumped into the newest craze with wishful thinking and I’m sure for many of you, you’ve yet to unlock the secret to the fountain of youth.

Have you ever wondered if there is an answer? Or at least, could there be a few crucial steps to easily add to your daily routine that will slow the hands of time? I believe there is!


Check out my 5 skincare keys to youthful skin!


  1. Proper cleansing

Most cleansers strip your face of the necessary barriers and oils it needs to stay youthful. Soap-based cleansers will dehydrate down layers of skin, making it nearly impossible to look youthful. Choose a facial cleanser that will remove dirt and bacteria AND hydrate your skin. We love using a raw honey and oil based cleanser to ensure we’re packing in the moisture at every step!

  1. Toner

Using a toner it a vital step to maintaining a youthful glow. Keeping a balanced pH level to the surface of your skin will ensure your skin is protected – keeping dullness and damage causing free-radicals out while keeping nutrients and hydration in. I use a combo of organic Witch Hazel and essential oils. The Witch Hazel is a miracle for skin all around, plus it makes oils water soluble which ensure serious nutrient penetration

  1. Hydrosols

This is a step I swear by. After toning, I always apply additional water to my skin. I either mist an organic hydrosol or simply use distilled water. Don’t have a glass spray bottle, just apply a few drops right onto your clean hands and pat onto skin. This extra layer of moisture works wonders and gives a great base for moisturizers.

  1. Hyaluronic Acid

This is one of the best kept anti-aging secrets. With an ability to hold 1000 times it’s weight in water, hyaluronic acid, when used as a serum, delivers a massive dose of
hydration and helps to rebuild the “plump” youthfulness complexion we’re all looking for.

  1. Essential-oil enhanced moisturizer

I couldn’t shout from the rooftops any louder about this step. Essential oils are amazing, delivering results so great, their power often frightens people. When properly mixed into your daily facial oil, they ensure dramatic results. Eliminate darkness and age-spots, reinvigorate dull skin and transport the necessary vitamins and fatty-acids deep into the layers of your skin. Your skin is renewed from the inside out, which means everyday is a step closer to younger, healthier skin!