Learning to read your skin care product’s ingredient list becomes vital when you’re interested in anti-aging naturally. I’m going to show you the few ingredients you can begin to look out for, so you can shop smart, by trashing these harsh elements.

When you know what is damaging to your skin, finding the right solution for youthful, hydrated skin becomes much easier.

1. Alcohol

Beauty companies are always looking for ways to extend the shelf life of their products, this makes alcohol an almost obvious choice. However, alcohol is one of the most damaging ingredients we are applying to our skin on a daily basis.

You’ll see it listed as SD alcohol, isopropyl alcohol, or alcohol denat (denatured alcohol).

Alcohol gives products their “weightless” feel which is great for selling, but extremely damaging to the skin. Alcohol both irritates and dehydrates and breaks down the skin’s natural protective barrier, making skin susceptible to free-radical damage and eliminating your skin’s ability to heal itself, resulting in pre-mature aging.

2. Talcum Power or Talc

For decades this ingredient has been questioned for its damage to our respiratory system and its potential cancer-causing agents.

Depending on the source, arguments are being made from either camp. For once, were not taking a side and neither of those arguments are why it made our list. As you might know, many of the leading facial powders contain talc as their main ingredient as it works wonders on absorbing oil.

But, here’s the deal.

Dry skin or “matte” skin ages dramatically faster than oilier skin. Oils allows skin to retain its moisture and good hydration is a foundation to youthful skin. There may be occasions where you want to eliminate all oil, but as a daily practice, embrace an oilier complexion, it’ll fight the wrinkles for you.

3. Mineral oil

Mineral oil is found in loads of cosmetic products today.

A derivative of petroleum, mineral oil or paraffin oil as it is sometimes labeled, is known to be contaminated. Mineral oil is refined in various grades and producers are not required to identify which grade they are placing in the product you use.

Mineral oil hydrocarbons are a detrimental contaminator to the body and they are readily absorbable through the skin. Mineral oil also rates high on the comedogenic levels which means it clogs pores and causes build up, resulting in skin that looks tired and dull.

4. Sunscreen

You’ve heard me talk about the damaging effects of toxins in conventional sunscreens so it’s an obvious to this list.

Toxin-filled sunscreen, both in a lotion and in cosmetic form, increases your skin’s risk of cancer. Over-exposure to the sun is just as damaging and also dehydrating to the skin so this is a very important part of your daily routine that needs to be addressed.

Chemical sunscreen absorbs into the skin and settles under the top layers of skin resulting  in skin damage that is unavoidable with these products. Be sure to choose a natural sunscreen that will protect and ensure your skin stays moisturized, healthy and youthful!

5. Soap

Your skin is equipped with an acid-mantle, which is its’ naturally occurring protective barrier against damage.

As your skin is more acidic on the pH scale, soap by nature is basic. Soap cleanses skin by stripping oils and breaking down this acid-mantle barrier. Your skin may feel clean, but is now vulnerable and exposed to damaging elements.

Pollution and toxins from the environment and products, as well as free-radicals, are now easily absorbed into your skin.

In addition, your natural acid mantle will allow your skin to hold onto its necessary moisture. The soap will break down the barrier and therefore water is easily evaporated from your skin, leaving your complexion dehydrated, which speeds up the aging process.

Choosing a natural, soap-free cleanser is key to youthful, glowing skin.

It was from learning about the different ingredients inside of skin care products and the damage that they were causing, that I decided to create Wild’s Night Oil. Our Night Oil is one of our most popular products and for good reason!

Wild’s Audrey Night Oil is jammed packed with ingredients like Argan Oil, Citrus Oils, and Myrrh Essential Oil.

These oils, combined with a formulation of other fragrance and preservative free ingredients help heal and renew your skin as you sleep.

Packed with anti-oxidants, these ingredients will help soothe inflammation and redness, moisturize and tighten dehydrated skin and boost the production of new skin cells, allowing you to wake up every morning with glowing skin.