For most of us, summer is a time where we not only get to enjoy the outdoors, but we get to work on our tans, too!

Unfortunately, the summer also means an onslaught of blemishes, blackheads, way too much oil, the deepening of dark spots and acne scars and the irritation of peeling skin from sun exposure!

Not to mention, heavy concealer and a face full of foundation is a nightmare when the sun is scorching outside.

So, what do you do?

If you didn’t know already, here are a couple of keys on what you need to know to stop the spreading of acne and enjoy the rest of your summer with clear, beautiful skin!

Step One:

Soaps are insanely offensive to the skin, especially in the summer.

Far too often, people think that if they have too much oil and acne they must need to scrub their skin harder and more frequently.


What they don’t see is that every time you wash your face with those harsh soaps, detergents or cleansers, you are promoting the production of MORE oil.

Your oil production actually goes into hyper-drive, because it thinks your skin is in crisis.

That oil then settles back into the pores, grabbing onto dirt and bacteria, which becomes the root of most summertime acne.

What To Do: 

Cleanse as often as needed.

Whether it’s morning and night, after a heavy sweat outside or at the gym, after a time at the pool or beach, or even after applying sunscreen, but choose a soap-free cleanser that’s alcohol-free.

Here’s a tip: Your skin should feel more hydrated after cleansing, not stripped or tight in any way!

Step Two:

Most SPFs, including those found in cosmetics, are known as chemical SPF.

This means that the product settles in under the surface of the skin. Not only is that a huge contributor to blemishes and irritation, but by its very molecular makeup, SPF is comedogenic.

In other words, it clogs the pores and creates unsightly blackheads.

Areas where it settles in the most? Around the nose and chin.

What To Do:

Find an organic, physical SPF that says it is non-comedogenic.

Also, remember that after a couple hours of wearing it, wash it off to prevent any bacteria and dirt from lodging itself into your pores.

If you end up with blackheads, make sure you have an organic face mask, rich in charcoal and gentle mineral clays.

These masks will grab onto the junk in the pores and wash it away!

Step Three:

A huge amount of summertime acne can be traced back to diet.

Summer is all about a heavy dose of ice cream and frozen treats, fruits and sweets, BBQs and junk food.

This sudden change in diet can have a huge effect on your digestion and those toxins are often released through the skin.

We all know it’s better to find substitutes and skip the treats, but on top of that, there’s two main things to focus on.

  • Drink More Water

Water flushes out the toxins and aids in the hydration of cells so they can fight off bacteria.

But remember, don’t guzzle the water while you’re eating. That will dilute stomach acids and make it more difficult for your body to digest the food you’re eating.

  • Start Taking Probiotics

Probiotics such as acidophilus will help replenish the good bacteria in your gut so the bad bacteria can be fought off easily.

If you are prone to digestion issues of any kind, you can also find chewable enzymes at the health food store you can carry around with you and eat right before a meal.

These will make a dramatic difference in clearing your skin from the inside out!